Transport Ventilation for Emergency Medical Services, Armed Forces and Hospitals.

The medical equipment used by emergency medical services and hospital staff is critically important to the successful outcome of emergency and transport ventilation. With assistance from mechanical ventilation, emergency personnel have their hands free for other important tasks.

The device‘s steady respiratory rate and constant volume prevent potentially aggressive ventilation and guarantee consistent ventilation quality. Our extensive ventilation line consists of MEDUMAT emergency and transport ventilators.

MEDUMAT Transport

Ventilator for primary emergency medical care and secondary transport.

MEDUMAT Transport provides primary emergency medical care and secondary transport for emergency and intensive-care transport patients. The device owes its great flexibility to a wide range of ventilation options – three pressure-controlled and three volume-controlled modes plus PRVC and the activation of non-invasive ventilation in all modes.

Due to the ventilator’s clarity, simple operation and intuitive user navigation and choose the equipment we are confident that you will feel that it meets and exceeds your requirements. Depending on your requirements, you can order MEDUMAT Transport with or without CO2 measurement (capnography). With capnography and flow measurement, you have excellent ventilation monitoring, which we believe is an essential component in any ventilator.

MEDUMAT Transport features and qualities include:

  • Immediate overview of major ventilation parameters in a large colour display and parallel presentation of up to three monitoring curves
  • Differentiated ventilation modes for high-quality ventilation
  • New PRVC mode provides lung-protecting ventilation at trusted volume-controlled settings
  • Ideal for non-invasive ventilation
  • Intuitive user navigation
  • Emergency mode supports your safe and fast responses in stressful situations
  • Disposable and reusable patient hose systems (User can switch from one system to the other.)
  • Uninterrupted ventilation even while changing to a new oxygen source
  • Economical oxygen measurement, thanks to non-consumable oxygen sensor
  • MEDUMAT Transport is available on the portable systems LIFE-BASE 4 NG, LIFE-BASE 1 NG andLIFE-BASE light.
  • Place MEDUMAT Transport on our MEDUcart stand for use in hospital.

MEDUMAT Standard 2

A new perspective on modern emergency and transport ventilation

You will get a completely new view of modern ventilation with MEDUMAT Standard2, the successor to MEDUMAT Standard and MEDUMAT Standard a. Developed in close cooperation with users, the device boasts a monitor with a large color display that shows all major respiratory parameters. The familiar color coding, e.g., for patient selection, allows for intuitive operation. Safety is ensured by clearly organized operating elements and symbols, effective acoustic and visual alarms and other details.

Your top facts
at a glance:

  • Guideline-compliant resuscitation with the help of  the unique CPR mode
  • Assistance with anesthesia induction in pre-hospital
    setting with use of RSI mode
  • Non-invasive ventilation via the integrated CPAP mode
  • Faster and simpler initiation of ventilation by means of
    height setting or use of emergency modes
  • Optimised monitoring – 5-inch TFT screen containing
    all relevant information
  • Can be combined with MEDUCORE defibrillators

MEDUMAT Standarda

The Ventilation Standard for Professionals

MEDUMAT Standarda offers you everything you need for reliable emergency ventilation. Users around the world are impressed by its especially simple operation and ruggedness. With controlled ventilation and assisted ventilation, we provide you with the ventilation options you require in an emergency. Our diverse modules let you add many supplemental functions, such as CPAP therapy, to MEDUMAT ventilators. When there‘s not a second to lose, the well-designed operating panel with special symbols and colors help you to quickly set the right ventilation parameters. When placed on our portable LIFE-BASE system, the MEDUMAT Standarda has practically unlimited mobility.

Valuable benefits for your use:

  • Function expansion to meet your needs
  • Alarm system ensures high level of safety
  • Easy to transport
  • Simple operation
  • Complies with EN 1789


Voice-Guided Ventilator optimized for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Although patient resuscitation is not part of your daily work, you are regularly confronted with this challenging situation. Then it is all the more important to have a partner on your team that’s completely reliable and capable of helping you with ventilation and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). MEDUMAT Easy CPR was specially developed for emergency ventilation during and after resuscitation. You can, for example, trigger a ventilator breath right from the mask. The ventilator ensures the highest degree of safety by giving you clear voice prompts that lead you through CPR procedures.

Intuitive operation, small and lightweight

In developing MEDUMAT Easy CPR, we concentrated on ergonomic design, intuitive operation and a size and weight that would be easy to transport.