corpuls® defibrillator/monitoring systems have defined the standard in the specialised pre-hospital environment for decades due to their unique ergonomics and implementation of most recent medical findings. The combination of the latest technology and pragmatic functionality is a design pattern that is applied to every corpuls® since the company was founded in 1982.


                                   The next generation of corpuls3

The newest and most dynamic of the corpuls generation is the brand new C3T. This unique design is the very first pre hospital touch screen modular defib / monitor unit to be introduced to the emergency services market. Our engineers have worked hard to combine the exceptional features of the already established corpuls3, and the new requirements/demands from the emergency services, creating the latest generation of defib / monitor unit, C3T. The built-in connectivity functions such as 4G modem, WLAN, or LAN are ideal for telemedicine and the corpuls communication platform corpuls.mission.

                                                      Operating Concept ”TOUCH ‘N DIAL”

This concept was developed with the aim of combining the best of both operating systems: Touch screen technology, and the classic operation using buttons and JogDial. This concept ensures optimal operation at the right moment. This revolutionary piece of equipment will be used for pre-hospital care on the front line, and was created to withstand any challenging environment. The touch display is insensitive to liquids, and is completely safe to operate whilst wearing disposable medical gloves. As a safety aspect, if touch does not have the desired operational effectiveness needed for a particular task, operation via buttons and JogDial is always possible, especially in the case of resuscitation.

This product is brand new to the market. For more information, please contact: sales@ortus.co.uk

A Revolutionary Device Concept

The corpuls3 offers a unique and revolutionary device concept to address the challenges rescuers face in their versatile workspace.

The corpuls3 offers an entirely new and revolutionary design-concept compared with traditional compact defibrillator/monitoring devices. It is designed as a complete modular system and can be split into:

  • Monitoring unit
  • Patient box
  • Defibrillator/Pacer unit

This means unrivalled ergonomics, functionality and flexibility: With the Monitoring unit in your hand:

  • Take control of the situation!
  • Attach the Patient box to the stretcher
  • Effective working!

The detachable Monitoring unit guarantees easy handling and provides an ergonomic solution for pre-hospital situations.

  • Jog-dial, softkeys and function keys for intuitive, fast and immediate access and operation
  • Large colour display (8,4”) with individually configurable display views and 12 lead diagnostic ECG preview
  • Integrated LAN or GSM for data transmission with

The Patient box is the “heart” of the system and enables uninterruptible monitoring from the EMS
site into the hospital.

  • The immediate feedback on depth and rate of thorax compressions of corPatch CPR ensures high quality CPR and improves the outcome of patients
  • Simultaneous 12 lead diagnostic ECG with optional measuring and interpretation software
  • Innovative Masimo® Rainbow® SET technology for measurement of SpO2, SpCO, SpMet, SpHb, PI and PP

Greater mobility and flexibility due to weight reduction if the defibrillator is not needed.

  • Enhanced therapy options with smart metronome during CPR
  • Pacing: fix, demand and overdrive pacing with ramp-down mode
  • Optional usage, with corPatch therapy electrodes or shock spoons


Whether the ambulance crews deal with an entrapped casualty after a road traffic collision, resuscitation in a small bathroom or the task of transporting a patient down a multi-story building – every job for the ambulance services attends is unique and so are the demands on staff and equipment. That’s why the corpuls3 offers a modular concept to allow the user the highest degree of ergonomics and flexibility in every scenario.


No matter where the armed forces operate – snow covered hilltops, searing tropical heat or in the middle of a desert sandstorm the corpuls3 withstands even in the most adverse weather conditions. Its IP 55 Rating and operating temperature range make it the ideal patient monitor/defibrillator for military use.


Nearly all patients on board a helicopter or airplane require continuous and advanced monitoring during the journey that conventional monitors can’t offer in this specialized area without compromise. Limited space, high noise levels and accessibility to the casualty are just some of challenges in this environment that the corpuls3 addresses with its innovative modular concept.


Defibrillator/Monitors are essential pieces of equipment in multiple departments of any hospitals. The corpuls3 can be used as a remotely controlled ICU monitor to acquire 12-lead ECGs in the A+E department or on as an integral part of the hospitals cardiac arrest team.

Compact, lightweight and versatile

The corpuls1 is a life-saving defibrillator/patient monitor that has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of hospitals, fire fighters, first responders and advanced patient transport teams. The intuitive and easy operation of the corpuls1 combines comprehensive monitoring with defibrillation and pacing capabilities at an operational weight of less than 2.7kg.


The intuitive user interface guarantees easy operation. On the 5.5” screen you can keep an eye on vital parameters such as ECG, heart rate, plethysmogram. Up to 3 curves and 4 vital parameters can be displayed at the same time.


The corpuls1 can be used AED (automatic external Defibrillator) or manual mode making it the ideal partner for all levels of medical staff.


Despite its compact size and minimal weight, the corpuls1 includes an integrated pacer that is capable of external pacing in FIX or DEMAND mode.


The integrated pulse oximeter enables the monitoring of blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate and the display of the plethysmogram.


Comprehensive and early emergency care is essential to assure the best possible patient outcome. The corpuls1 shock pads, sensors and leads also ensure that ongoing treatment by the ambulance services using the corpuls3 can be performed without compromise as they carry the same footprint.


An early SpCO measurement allows rescuers to recognize a potential carbon monoxide poisoning right at the incident.


The efficient lithium ion battery reliably supplies power to the corpuls1 for 5-8 hours of monitoring or 200 shocks at the maximum energy level. There is no compromise for battery operation when operating in cold temperatures (down to -20 °C) and the user has the continuous assurance, as the remaining running time in minutes is always visible on screen.


Leads, sensors and accessories of the corpuls1 can safely be stored in the side pouches to ensure protection and easy access at all times. The rescuer does not need to spend precious time in an emergency, as all leads are pre-connected when stored in the pouches. For rapid access to the corpuls1 shock pads, the front pouch is designed with magnetic latches and can be removed quickly when needed.


Batteries, sensors, corPatch-electrodes and all leads are fully compatible in Standardized user interfaces for corpuls1 and corpuls3 allows rescuers to operate within a familiar working environment

Post event allocation and analysis of the job files is simplified when using the corpuls.web REVIEW software.

Real Time Telemedicine

Patient data transmitted by the ambulance services using the corpuls3 can be reviewed in real time with the web application corpuls.web LIVE. An early overview of patients along with remote live vital sign monitoring allows the specialists in the receiving centre to prepare for the incoming casualty and buys them valuable time that can save a life.

Telemetry in Emergency Care

An optimal hospital treatment relies on the availability of information provided by the ambulance services and is a crucial element to ensure the best possible patient outcome. corpuls.web LIVE is the ideal tool to boost survival rates as it is used for real time visualisation, diagnostics, editing, forwarding and analysis of all patient and clinical data gathered on a corpuls3.


The ambulance service arrives at the incident and perform a first assessment of the casualty while sending the gathered data to specialists in the receiving medical centre simultaneously with a corpuls3. The 12-leadECG, marked events, patient information and live waveforms and vital parameters are transmitted in real time when using the corpuls.web LIVE web application.


The specialist on call can use the corpuls.web LIVE web application from any place on any platform (with Internet access) to assess the incoming patient’s condition.


Prior to the patient’s arrival at the hospital, the right clinical specialists and equipment can be made available to ensure an optimal treatment once the patient is brought in. Should the real time streamed clinical data indicate that patients condition changes corpuls.web LIVE can be used communicate with the ambulance crew and advise if necessary.


corpuls.web LIVE is a fully certified medical product that meets the highest requirements when it comes to data protection:

  • Separate Transmission of patient data and clinical data to the receiving server
  • Encryption of patient data (128-bit AES standard)
  • Verified SSL certificate in server-to-client transmission
  • Highest security standards are met by our hosted server solution (ISO 27001)
  • Minimum 99.5% availability of the server (higher availability when needed)