Robust products for effective clearing of the airways

Suction of the mouth and pharynx area is rendered extremely simple and effective by the use of our robust suction devices. Clearing of the airways is one of the first measures to be taken in order to ensure adequate oxygen supply.

Accuvac Pro

Experience at its Best – for Professional Demands

Clearing the patient’s airways of obstructions is the first life-saving measure in an emergency situation. ACCUVAC Pro is the right partner for suctioning a patient’s mouth and throat or endotracheal or bronchial areas. The device’s high suction capacity and simple operation enable professional users to provide effective and proven treatment to the patient at the scene of an emergency.

By means of the four pre-defined suction levels, the user can set the ideal suction capacity in ACCUVAC Pro for use with small children to adults. In addition to suctioning airways, the ACCUVAC Pro also deflates vacuum splints and mattresses.

Convenient use, broad application

  • High suction capacity of about 34 liters/minute at -0.8 bar (at device inlet)
  • User can change battery without tools
  • Modern lithium-ion rechargeable battery with long operating time, no calibration of battery required
  • Four pre-defined suction settings for selection by user
  • Automatic function check with quick visual and acoustic feedback
  • Safe secretion collection into autoclavable reusable secretions canister with bacteria filter and overflow protection or disposable Serres® suction bag with integrated bacteria filter

Ideal operability in everyday emergency medicine

  • Suction tube accommodated in tube holder on side of device
  • Single-handed, push-button release from wall mounting
  • Compatible with existing wall mounting
  • Robust housing of impact-resistant materials
  • Optionally available accessories bag, protective bag and/or shoulder strap