Welcoming our new Customer Support Engineer, Joe. ✨

Joe will be responsible primarily for supporting the build, configuration, and maintenance of VG70 Ventilators, which we have been supplying to the Department of Health in large numbers since the beginning of this year.

He will also be supporting our Ortus Medical Division with the build and configuration of our full medical device range, medical device after care operations, and device maintenance.

Joe spoke to us about what lead him to this role and told us a little bit more about himself:

  1. Which aspect of the job first attracted you to the position?

In the current climate, I am proud to say that I build and service medical devices supplied to the NHS in during the COVID19 Pandemic. I knew the role would be very rewarding. 

  1. Is this the career plan you first envisaged? If not, what did you think you would do?

I have always worked in engineering and electronics, I enjoy problem solving and correcting faults for customers.

  1. What is your biggest achievement (professional or personal)?

Getting married is what I am most proud of. 

  1. What are your aspirations / goals for this new position and your career?

I am looking forward to helping and supporting my new customers, and to be a part of a rapidly expanding company. I hope to gain experience configuring devices and equipment that I haven’t worked with yet. 

  1. Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

I would have to say Dave Grohl. He is a great musician and songwriter.

6. What are your hobbies/interests?

I play guitar, and I enjoy watching live music. You can often catch me at the pub with a pint.

We look forward to welcoming Joe into #TeamOrtus

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