Monitoring through Expertise

DataPoint is the only telematics solution developed specifically to perform in the demanding environments within which Emergency Services vehicles operate. Through a unique combination of data captured from a wide variety of in-vehicle sources, it has never been easier to monitor base vehicle information, role equipment, vehicle utilisation and driver behaviour.

Managing by Exception

DataPoint captures a wealth of high-resolution data from a variety of in-vehicle systems. This is then converted into targeted actionable information, alerting you automatically when exceptions occur. There is no need for you to spend valuable time searching for the information you require, DataPoint will deliver it to you in a clear and concise format. This allows you to focus on your primary operational responsibilities, safe in the knowledge that DataPoint is monitoring all aspects of your vehicle fleet and will alert you to any exceptions requiring your attention. DataPoint is much than a Fleet Management tool; it delivers key information to a variety of operational functions across your organisation.

Proven Benefits

DataPoint is in daily operational use with a number of key Bluelight clients and has been proven to deliver tangible cost-saving benefits as well as significant operational efficiency improvements.

Benefits… Due to our unique vehicle and equipment connection capabilities designed specifically for the emergency services market DataPoint ensures that organisations can…

Optimise Fuel usage and increase MPG
Improve maintenance costs by monitoring actual vehicle activity
Offer live and historic views of your specialist fleet
Provide clean and accurate information in the event of an accident
Allow control room operatives to see exactly what is happening
Schedule exception reports for Senior Management

We’re here to help… We’ve worked with a large number of specialist organisations and appreciate that all have unique challenges and needs. Our approach is open and flexible, we are happy to work with other suppliers and provide integration with both 3rd party software and hardware to help you achieve the right solution leveraging any investment you have already made. DataPoint is updated regularly to reflect our users needs and we would be delighted to demonstrate the system and discuss how we could work with you to improve your organisation’s efficiency.

Key Features

  • Designed specifically for Emergency Services Vehicles
  • Total CANbus connectivity offering
  • exact fuel usage, genuine odometer readings, accurate AdBlue levels and a wealth of other fleet-related information
  • vehicle speed, engine RPM, steering wheel angle, seatbelt usage, accelerator and brake pedal positions are just a small selection of the comprehensive data captured to assist with collision investigation
  • Power Management Systems, Emergency Warning Equipment and specialist Role Equipment can all be monitored alongside many other signals
  • Comprehensive Geofencing functionality enables highly accurate vehicle utilisation monitoring

  • Exceptionally secure “off site” data storage – Onyx Data Centre ISO27001 & ISO 9001 accredited
  • Patented GPS correction algorithm giving pinpoint location accuracy
  • Real time – 1 second data refresh
  • Truly global resource tracking functionality
  • Highly flexible reporting architecture – any combination of time, movement, speed, input and output can be configured to create reports
  • Addresses fleet management, vehicle location, utilisation, VOR/downtime, overspeed and excessive driving characteristics
  • Alerts and reports can be exported to other systems, sent to clients and other users via email or automatically through our “Report Scheduler” facility