Insight products – leading the way

The Ortus Group has been supplying the Emergency Services with leading edge Technology and solutions, since 2011, and have now added to their Insight portfolio an amazing new product, Insight Real Time Asset Monitoring and Compliance Management. Working in partnership with their clients, The Ortus Group offer a flexible approach to business, enabling a quick response to customers’ requirements and needs.

Emergency Services Telematics

Insight Telematics is an all encompassing and highly accurate vehicle telematics system, designed specifically for the Emergency Services Market. This system is well established in the emergency sectors field and is renowned for its accuracy. Insight collects comprehensive and highly accurate vehicle data and presents exceptions as actionable information. This enables timely intervention, leading to improvements in operational efficiency and cost saving benefits.

Real-Time Asset Monitoring & Compliance Management

The Ortus Group is now proud to introduce the latest innovative solution under the Insight banner: Insight Asset Monitoring, offering a host of key features and benefits to customers.

Insight Asset Monitoring uses RFID technology to automatically identify the presence and status of key in-vehicle equipment, enabling clients to accurately monitor and track all assets, in every vehicle, within their fleet.

The Insight Servers process the information in real-time to provide a powerful monitoring and reporting capability, which offers benefits in inventory and compliance management, risk reduction and operational efficiency improvements.