The Tireless Arm That Saves Lives

“The Amazing Machine Behind the Miracle”
A story from Queensland Ambulance Service in Australia. 

Resuscitating a patient in cardiac arrest and performing life-saving CPR can be stressful and very exhausting. The corpuls cpr is a unique thorax compression device which not only protects your ambulance crews from performing CPR in a moving vehicle, but also allows the patient to receive uninterrupted, automatic therapy. The rotating arm grants free access to the patients thorax at all times, meaning the paramedics are able to provide additional life-saving therapy during the mechanical CPR.

Queensland Ambulance Service tell the story of how they brought patient Jamie ‘back from the dead’ by providing life-saving therapy using the corpuls cpr mechanical chest compression device. Jamie’s heart stopped as he was loaded into the ambulance, but by attaching him to the corpuls cpr, the device gave him 45 minutes of uninterrupted, automatic chest compressions during the journey to the hospital. Paramedics were able to monitor the treatment from a safe distance.

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